Categories for Quantum Theory

This is a PhD course for the Spring 2020 organised by Rasmus Ejlers M√łgelberg, Radu-Cristian Curticapean, and Michael Kastoryano. Interested students should contact Rasmus for further information on the course, including how to register.


With the future prospect of quantum computers, quantum theory is increasingly an area of interest among computer scientists. This course studies quantum theory from the perspective of category theory, assuming no previous knowledge in either area. We study monoids, Frobenious structure and Hopf algebras as well as the ZX calculus, a sound and complete graphical calculus for quantum computation.

The course has been approved for 5ECTS credit by the ITU PhD council. To obtain this, students must present at least once at the seminar, and have 3 mandatory exercises approved.

Course material

We use the book Categories for Quantum Theory by Chris Heunen and Jamie Vicary.

Supplementary material:


We will meet every Wednesday 12-14 in Auditorium 1 at ITU starting March 11, 2020. The tentative schedule is as follows.

Mandatory exercises